College Prep: Safety & Self-Defense Seminar

Specifically designed for high school & college students, FDKM's "College Prep" course is an introduction to self-protection techniques and tactics.

Get In On The Action

Campus Safety

Although reported campus crimes have been on the decline since 2014, it is still necessary to be aware of your surroundings and make good decisions regarding your personal safety on and off campus.

In this course, we'll offer some tips and tools to help you stay safe and avoid potentially dangerous situations.


Krav Maga is one of the most practical self-defense systems in the world. Should a situation occur where you have to get physical, this course will provide you with some basic techniques and tactics to help you solve the problem and get to safety.

August 3rd or August 5th

We know families are extremely busy over the summer, so we are offering 2 options for attending the College Prep course. The first offering is on Saturday, August 3rd from 2-5pm. The second is on Monday, August 5th from 1-4pm.



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